Mike’s Charity Work


Click on the links below, to see a few excerpts from Mike’s Charity Fashion Show.   The reason Mike is wearing a large heart?   The show took place one week before Valentine’s Day.

http://youtu.be/LCb86B-l3Ps -     Mike’s Kids

http://youtu.be/efEHRrIwk2A -   Actual Models

Mike feels it is important to give back to the community in which you work and play.   With that in mind, he participates in many charitable activities, as well as donating his time and money to worthwhile causes.

Mike donates money from every closed escrow, whether representing buyers or sellers, to the Children’s Miracle Network – - a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids by raising funds and awareness to improve medical facilities and healthcare for sick and injured children in 170 children’s hospitals across North America.

He also sponsored 4 schools in the Holiday Canned Food Drive, picking up canned food to distribute to needy seniors.

He also organized, produced, promoted and emceed his own Charity Fashion Show, that generated food, clothing & household items, which Mike distributed to needy families in the area.   The models were teenage children that had been involved with abuse.  Admission was free – - all costs were absorbed by Mike (see link above). 

Through his membership and participation in the Association of Realtors, he has contributed to Habitat for Humanity, donations to our troops overseas, and has helped to provide college scholarships to high school students.