Newspaper Ads

Mike has created hundreds of print ads.  He created and implemented over 50 unique print ad campaigns in 5 years for his carpet store alone.   His tv and print ad campaign with Chick Hearn, voice of the LA Lakers, generated millions of dollars worth of business – - at a cost of $3,000.  Mike chose Chick for his distinctive voice – - known by millions in the LA area – - and purchased air time on the Lakers’ station for the ads.
Below are sample print ads that Mike designed and wrote all the copy for.   Whether superimposing his head on the body of the tight end for the LA Raiders (4th row, far left), being quoted as a real estate expert, utilizing customer testimonials, adding a touch of humor to his ads, advertising his Charity Fashion Show, writing a real estate advice column, being voted Best Floor Covering Store every year he owned it, or including his kids/dogs in his ads (to add the human element) – - Mike’s ads are designed to separate him/his business, from the competition.  His ads have been extremely effective developing new clients and building long-term relationships.

Quoted As A Real Estate Expert