Emblem Enterprises, Inc.

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Mike was hired initially as a Marketing Consultant, before being hired as full-time Director of Marketing after 3 months – - in an industry in which he had no prior experience. 
- Redesigned all marketing materials – resulting in increased sales, increased requests for quotes, and increased requests for catalogs.  
- Restructured the Marketing Department – resulted in substantially shorter task completion times and over $110,000 in cost savings in his first two months working full-time. 
- Analyzed market research from all channels – to plan and implement new, comprehensive marketing stategies. 
-  Designed and implemented sales processes to convert existing order takers, into a dynamic, effective sales force. 
Above are samples of Mike’s work. 
Top Row
-  His professional looking e-mail blast (2nd from left) makes it easier to identify the company name, offer and contact information, than the e-mail blasts produced prior to his arrival (far left).  His Patch Approval Form (far right – with the Dalmatian) attempts to sell clients two additional products – - showing what they look like with their new patch.  It also provides for the Account Executive’s name – - for short-term recognition, and long-term relationship building.   The approval form used prior to his arrival, is 2nd from the right.
-  4 page Company Biography – front and back covers
Bottom Row
-  Sample catalog cover prior to Mike’s arrival (far left).  Middle, one of the 10 catalogs that Mike designed, wrote the copy for, and produced – - illustrates a few sample products in that category.   Middle and far right are the cover and an interior page.