Video Exposure

Advertising system invented by Mike.  
- He contracted Blockbuster and other local video stores ($100-200 per month) to distribute his ads, one per person, in their video rental cases.  The client base (people renting videos) were spending disposable income. 
- Ads were brought in by consumers to receive the offer that each ad contained  – - easy for clients to track their success.  
- Clients received repetitive exposure, all day, every day, and allowed them to pull clients from different geographic areas. 
- Mike sold all the ads, designed and produced them, and trained video store employees re: their distribution. 
- He also sold this system as a Business Opportunity (similar to a Franchise).   He wrote the disclosures, trained all system purchasers, and provided ongoing support.  All system purchasers made money.
Above are a few sample ads from large and local advertisers, a publicity article about the business, the brochure used at the Franchise shows, as well as the Trade Show promoters’ ad (The Entrepreneur Expo), which Mike negotiated to include his company name.