About Mike


30 + years experience in sales and marketing of deadline-driven businesses that Mike owned or managed.

- Devised and implemented all sales and marketing campaigns for 4 successful start-up companies in 4 industries.
- Created successful marketing and public relations campaigns designed to elicit calls to action, develop and enhance name and brand recognition, and generate new business.
- Ability to identify sales talent, hire, train and motivate successful sales teams in any industry – - as long as I believe in the product/service.  Sales teams are designed to build and maintain long term relationships.
- Conceptual and strategic thinking. Identify new markets for products and services and, if needed, design targeted ad campaigns to generate new business from these markets.
- Develop or identify new product lines to create additional revenue streams.
- Ability to sell leads generated by my marketing – personal sales exceeded $13 million annually for 3 different companies and $6 million for another.
- Designing, writing copy and overseeing production of hundreds of print ads; TV and radio scripts; web site designs in multiple industries (www.MichaelDrotman.com); Internet campaigns; press releases; catalogs & brochures; company bios; Sales & Operations Manuals; etc.
- Expertise in focused interdepartmental communications to coordinate the overall sales and marketing effort in accordance with company goals. Utilizing a sense of humor and exceptional oral and written communication skills to create and maintain a positive, upbeat work environment conducive to optimizing everyone’s peak performance.
- Utilize The Pareto Principle, focusing on the vital few & delegating the trivial many, to prioritize tasks for maximum impact on sales and profits.

Realtor and CIAS                            RE/MAX Beach Cities Realty, Manhattan Beach, CA                                            2008-Present
 Represent buyers and sellers of homes and investment properties as a Realtor and Certified Investor Agent Specialist

Marketing Director                               Emblem Enterprises, Inc., Canoga Park, CA                                                      2007-2008
 Initially hired as a Marketing Consultant, hired as full-time Marketing Director after 3 months.  He redesigned all marketing materials, resulting in increased sales revenues, increased requests for quotes and increased requests for catalogs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Restructured the marketing department, resulting in substantially shorter task completion times and cost savings. Provided cost savings of over $110,000 in first two months of full-time employment.
 Analyzed market research from all channels to plan and implement new, comprehensive marketing strategies.
 Designed and implemented sales processes to convert existing sales order takers into a dynamic, proactive sales force.

Realtor                                                           RE/MAX Experience, Temecula, CA                                                                1997-2007
 Member of the RE/MAX Hall Of Fame.
 Created and implemented all marketing and public relations campaigns (including Charity Fashion Show, weekly half hour cable tv show, weekly real estate advice column, etc.), resulting in increasing annual sales volume from $2 million in first year to over $13 million.

CEO                                                                 MLD & Associates, Canyon Lake, CA                                                                  1995-1997
 Marketing and sales start-up company created to market unique, custom neon signs, and build a sales force to market the product world wide. Manufacturer sold the business in 1997.
 Devised and implemented marketing strategy to target large corporate clientele (Busch, etc.), instead of individual retailers.
 Researched and contracted with multiple vendors to substantially increase production capabilities to meet increased sales demand.

CEO                                                                      Video Exposure, Canyon Lake, CA                                                         1993-1995
 Invented advertising system utilizing VHS rental cases to provide repetitive exposure to local consumers with disposable income.
 Created all marketing and sales forms, sold and designed all ads, contracted with video stores, trained sales personnel, etc.
 Wrote disclosures & marketing materials to market as a Business Opportunity (Franchise) .

Director of Sales & Marketing                           Quality Information Systems, Los Angeles, CA                                1991-1993
 Hired, trained and motivated sales force throughout the United States for this start-up document management software company and personally sold over 5,000 software licenses.
 Redesigned all print marketing materials, negotiated partnerships with related products (imaging and OCR software), made presentations to venture capital companies for expansion funds.
 Employed before product was created, took sales to $6 million before company was sold in 1993.

CEO                                                                           A Touch Of Carpet, Manhattan Beach, CA                                              1986-1991
 Created and produced all marketing materials (Cable TV ad with Chick Hearn, print ads, public service radio spots).
 Increased sales from $1 million the first year to $16 million in the 5th year, by substantially expanding target markets.
 Employed (37) people. Sold the business myself. This business was in operation for 24 years, before owner retired in 2009.

General Manager                                                        RG Arnold Co., Redondo Beach, CA                                                 1977-1986
 Redesigned all marketing materials, identified new profit sources, increased annual sales from $3 million to $19 million in 9 years.

B.S., Business Administration – Management – Cal State University Northridge
A.A., Business Administration – Marketing – LA Valley College, Van Nuys, CA