Marketing & Sales Skill Sets


Successfully Managing Sales, Marketing And Day-To-Day Operations Of Businesses Since 1977 – No Prior Industry Experience Required.  


Marketing Skill Sets  

-   Devising and implementing successful, effective marketing and public relations campaigns designed to elicit calls to action, develop and enhance  name and brand recognition, generate new business and build long term relationships.

-   Conceptual and strategic thinking – - the ability to identify new markets, design targeted ad campaigns to generate new business and sell the resulting leads.   Also, the ability to identify and develop new, compatible product lines and revenue streams.     

-   Design, write copy and oversee production of hundreds of print ads;  TV and radio scripts;  web site design in multiple industries (; Internet campaigns; press releases; product catalogs, and Sales & Operations Manuals.

-   Expertise in focused interdepartmental communications to coordinate the overall sales and marketing effort in accordance with company goals. 

-  Exceptional oral and written communication skills.

-   Utilizes The Pareto Principle - focusing on the vital few & delegating the trivial many, to prioritize tasks for maximum impact on sales and profits.

-   Creating a positive and productive environment of interdepartmental teamwork and support toward a common goal.


Sales Skill Sets

-  Ability to sell leads generated by his marketing campaigns and teach sales teams to do the same. 

-  Personal sales production – exceeded $13 million in annual sales for 3 different organizations;  and multi-million dollar annual sales production for 6 companies in 5 industries. 

-  30 + years experience successfully identifying sales talent;  and effectively hiring, training and motivating sales forces in diverse industries, without prior industry experience.