Miscellaneous Marketing & Sales

                     To See Mike’s TV Commercial With Chick Hearn Of The LA Lakers, Click On:      http://youtu.be/yNEqY0TuDqk  

                                                    To View Mike’s Real Estate Article, Currently Published On REMAX.com, Click On:                     http://www.remax.com/learningcenter/articleviewer.aspx?id=50&show=2&sortby=title

To View Mike’s Virtual Tour Of The South Bay, Sent To Prospective Real Estate Clients, Click On:     http://marketing.remaxdesigncenter.com/31/98531/1178599/index.ipv





Above are samples of a few of Mike’s unique advertising concepts.   Feel free to look at the Video Exposure and Neon Exposure pages on this website, as well.   

Top Row

- Postcard designed specifically for homeowners who aren’t home, when Mike knocks on doors to generate real estate business.   The postcard contains 4 calls to action (2 – buyers;  2 – sellers), a customer testimonial in the specific area where Mike door knocks, Mike’s background and contact information, etc. 

2nd Row

- Pancho Segura - Mike was the #1 salesperson in the United States for his tennis racket – - at age 21.   This is an invitation for Mike to join Pancho in La Costa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Patch approval form – Mike’s form (with the Dalmatian – 2nd from right) suggests the purchase of two additional products with their patch (hats & t-shirts), and lists their Account Executive – building short-term recognition and long-term relationships.  The other form (2nd from left) was used prior to Mike’s hiring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      – QR Code – designed for consumers to scan with their Smartphones to view a linked website.  The QR code above, drives people to this site.   He also has a code for his real estate website.

Bottom Row

- Nametag – this informs people of Mike’s occupation 24/7 – at a cost of $15 - generating over 15 real estate transactions to date.   The combination of the red (along with yellow, the two most visible colors) ”SOLD” hanging off the edge of the badge, along with the well known real estate logo, attracts attention and real estate inquiries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Mike negotiated free publicity for his company on The Forum scoreboard, when the LA Lakers played there.